As this wiki grows, new members of the wiki staff are elected and made officially and unofficially, such as Chat moderators. However as they are being made, one question remains. What is the wiki chat? How can I promote it so it can be a functioning tool on the wiki? This is the topic of the forum. But first we must examine the basics of the chat room.

What is the chat room?

The chat room is a room allowing all registered community members (excepting those that are blocked.) to freely discuss any appropriate matter in chat, openly and in a private chat with somebody.

What can I talk about in the chat room?

The user is permitted to talk about whatever he/she desires except anything that is spam and/or can be used to harm someone.

What can't I talk about in the chat room?

The user is generally prohibited to talk about anything that can harm someone emotionally. Here are a list of things one cannot do in the chat room

  • Harass/have intimidating behaviour
  • Talk about religion,politics,race or any other topic that is not appropriate in the chat room
  • Spam friend codes
  • Pornography
  • Inappropriate comments regarding any of the staff.

What can I do if I find someone violating the chat room rules?

The best thing to do is tell a admin or a chat mod in the chat room. If a Admin or a chat mod is not in the room at present, then it should be informed on a admin's message wall.

How can I tell a Admin/Chat Moderator in the chat room from other users?

The major thing that is apparent is that Admins/Chat mods usually have a small star next to their username. Other users do not have this star.

What are the consequences of violating the chat polices?

  • Warning of a kick or a ban from the chat room.
  • Kick/ban from the chat room
  • Block(if it spreads on the wiki)

How to promote the chat

All Admins/Chat moderators are recommended to be in the chat room for at least one hour a day. Other staff members should also join so more people join the chat and make it fruitful.